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Sedimentum & Autophagy - Bacteriophagic Excretions Tour

SEDIMENTUM (can) - Memento Mori Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records

Sedimentum started back in 2018 when a group of friends wanted to play grimy death metal got together in the extreme coldness of Quebec City, Canada. The band released a four song home recorded critically acclaimed demo on Bandcamp in 2019 and quickly gained attention from record labels all around the world.
Following this, a pair of split 7’’ (one with USA’s Phobophilic in 2020 and the other one with fellow Canadians Total Isolation in 2021) saw the light of day. They worked with labels such as Iron Bonehead, Fucking Kill, Rotted Life, Seed Of Doom and a few others before securing a deal with Memento Mori and Me Saco Un Ojo for ‘’Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’’, their first proper full length that was released in july 2022. Their take on death metal is mainly influenced by Finnish and English OSDM bands. Pounding blast beats, insufferable slow parts and uncanny Finnish-esque riffs blend well together in this slab of modern death metal with a production that is neither too clean nor too dirty, just the right amount of filth to add an ominous vibe to the record. The actual line up consists of Alexis Élément-Plamondon on guitar and vocals, Alexandre Landy on bass, Mathieu Lépine on drums and vocals and Ulysse Nadeau-Paré on guitar. They are now ready to hit the stage and crush skulls all around the world.




AUTOPHAGY (USA) - Pulverised Rec.

Originally forged from the pus-ridden murk of Portland, Oregon in 2017, Autophagy has been gnawing their way through the rotted corpse pile of the current death metal take over of extreme music as if a hot knife through butter. Supporting legends Sadistic Intent in their first live performance, Autophagy have continued to pursue their calculated debauchery, and summon their beastly live act only for the most gruesome of crowds.
At the most recent of those performances, the supperate hoard attending Death Over Mexico 2020 were inhumanely imposed to the most brutal set from Autophagy to date, as the onslaught of their Swedish influences featured in their demo shared the stage with the beginnings of a bludgeoning, new and impellingly brutal sound that is, on their LP Bacteriophage, honed tighter than the maw of an Aboleth.
Decibel Magazine hosted an exclusive stream of Autophagy’s newest “viciously good album” put out by Pulverised Records, released September 30th, 2022. In it they said: “Back in 2018, Portland death metal quartet Autophagy released their first demo. They included a cover of Nihilist’s “Supposed to Rot” as one of the demo‘s four tracks. But the Swedeath rot ‘n’ roll reverence doesn’t mean that Autophagy are just graverobbing riffs from early ’90s Stockholm. On their debut LP Bacteriophage their sound emerges from midnight swamplands drenched in crust and black mud.”
Current members of Autophagy hail from projects new and old such as Bastard Feast, Bell Witch, Hallow, Dispossessed, Dödläge, Transient and Bedlamite. The music Autophagy performs was composed additionally by past members of Ritual Necromancy and Sempiternal Dusk.




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Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr

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